Joe Cobb standing in front of poster advertising Crizer's Colossal Circus


Crizer's Colossal Circus is a traveling circus that visits Greenpoint for "one stupendous performance only," at 2:00 pm on June 2, in probably 1924. Unfortunately for Mickey, Jackie, and Joe, this is a Monday and they have to attend school instead. When they discover Gene and Farina can't go to school for six weeks because they have "speckled fever," the trio paints their faces with red dots, return home, and act sick. However, they don't fool Dr. Pipp, and get castor oil for their efforts. Then Mary informs them that their teacher gave them a half holiday and the class, including Johnny who is driving her around on a bicycle-carriage vehicle, got free tickets to the circus. Thanks to their stunt, Mickey, Jackie, and Joe have to miss the circus and stay in bed.


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