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Stymie and "Cotton the Chimp"


Cotton the Chimp is one of the acts from a vaudeville act that appears in Greenpoint which includes a disillusioned magician who appears as a jinni to the Rascals. His real name isn't given; he's only known as Cotton from Cotton Beard, Stymie Beard's brother, who the Rascals believe was turned into a monkey by Spanky McFarland using a magic lamp. (Fast Fact: Chimps aren't monkeys; they're apes.) "Cotton" the Chimp gets drunk from liquor at a sidewalk eatery and runs amuck through town scaring people at the Third Street and Broadway intersection. Stymie keeps the police from shooting his "brother" just as "Cotton's" real owner arrives at which time the real Cotton comes out of hiding from the eatery.