Name: Robert "Bobbie" Beard
Nickname: Cotton
Played By: Bobbie Beard
Born: Relatives: Stymie (brother), Marmalade (sister),
Clubs: None
First Short: Birthday Blues
Last Short: Hi'-Neighbor!


Never saying a single word through any of his appearances, Cotton is the younger brother of Stymie Beard, and much like Farina and Mango before him, he pretty much exists just to be chased after by Stymie and distract him and the gang around him. He appears at Dickie Moore's party with cake in Birthday Blues, follows Joe Cobb and Farina fishing in Fish Hooky and hangs round Stymie when Wally Albright and the gang get together to build a fire engine in Hi'-Neighbor!. Spanky, just barely a few years older than he, is left with watching him in Forgotten Babies, and in A Lad An' A Lamp, Cotton is seemingly turned into a monkey by a vaudeville magician much like Mango in Chicken Feed a few years earlier. Thankfully, Spanky finds Cotton and watches over him until Stymie catches up.
Quotes: None


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