Cluck Cluck Klams initiation meeting. Ernie, Farina, Jackie Condon, Andy, Mickey, Joe, Jack Davis in foreground.


The Cluck Cluck Klams are a club the gang formed perhaps out of seeing another similarly named adult "society" either from the local news reels or the newspapers without knowing just what that other group they were emulating was all about. Jack Davis is their "Xsalted Ruler," Ernie is "The Most High Terrible Seccaterry," and everyone meets wearing long white robes on the second floor of Jones Barn. However, the barn is also used as a hide-out for car thieves and that sort of puts the kibosh on the club until they recreate it as The Manhattan Club in Tired Business Men, once again initiating Joe Cobb into the group.

Roll Call: Andy Samuel, Ernie Morrison, Elmo Billings, Farina Hoskins, Freckles, Jack Davis, Jackie Condon, Mickey Daniels, Richard Billings, Winston Doty (unconfirmed)


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