Clarabelle, with her cat Gertrude in the stroller


Clarabelle is a local girl who is described as a vamp by a title card. She flirts aggressively with Joe, which makes Pete the Pup despondent when Joe starts to ignore his once beloved pet. Clarabelle makes Joe send Pete away when Pete snarls at her cat Gertrude. Joe uses money he was saving for a new collar for Pete to buy chocolates for Clarabelle instead, and the gang makes fun of their relationship.

Later, Clarabelle is pushed from a bridge into a river by some other dog. Pete breaks loose from being tied to a bush to rescue her, but she claims that Pete is the dog who pushed her in. When Joe believes her and says Pete should be shot, Pete is driven to suicide. Fortunately a man in a wheelchair witnessed the incident and tells Joe the truth, enabling him and the gang to save Pete, who finally gets his new collar.

Clarabelle might have been played by Annette De Kirby.

Quotes: "Throw those nasty worms away - They're not refined!" - Clarabelle in Dog Heaven


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