Charlie Oelze

Charlie Oelze in Playin' Hookey


Character: Prop Man/Assistant Director
Birthday: November 24, 1885
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York
Date of Death: August 2, 1949
Place of Death: Culver City, California
First Short:
Last Short:
Number of Shorts:
History: Charles "Charlie" Oelze was the prop-man who created much of the gadgets and inventions of the Little Rascals. He was also the father of one-time Rascal, Doris Oelze. According to what Robert DeMoss of has turned up, Charlie once worked in the circus and on a cattle ranch, later working as an extra in the early days of Universal Studios where he was a ranch foreman in charge of the bullpen extras alongside Hal Roach, Harold Lloyd and Fred Newmeyer. While he was part of the Universal property department, he became acquainted with Robert McGowan. DeMoss believes Oelze joined Hal Roach at his studio around 1914 along with Dick Gilbert, L. Baker and E. P. Sandstrom. As prop-man, he is credited with building the airplane ride in Ask Grandma and the toy fire engine in Hi'-Neighbor!.
For a time, Oelze shared assistant directorial duties alongside Robert A. McGowan, Bob McGowan's nephew. After Roamin' Holiday, it becomes difficult to connect Oelze to any film, but he did stay with Hal Roach Studios for another ten years. DeMoss believes he stayed with Hal Roach until his death in 1949.

List of Shorts

Other Projects

  • The Taint Of Fear (1916) - as actor
  • Short Kilts (1924) - as prop man
  • Curley (1945)
  • The Fabulous Joe (1947)

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