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Breezy Brisbane


Name: Kendall (McComas) (Brisbane)
Nick Name: Breezy
Played By: Kendall McComas
Born: 1916 (?)
Relatives: Father, Mother, Dickie, Spanky, Porky (possible brothers), Patsy (sister)
Clubs: The Secret Order of The Winking Eye (only member)
First Short: Readin' And Writin'
Last Short: Birthday Blues


Bio: For what he lacked in height and presence, he sure made up for in spirit. Like all boys and girls of his time, Breezy did not enjoy school, and after one summer, he decided he just wasn't going to go back. Armed with stories from the local blacksmith, he was actually able to get tossed from school by the otherwise unwavering Miss Crabtree for:

  • tacks on the seats
  • activating a hidden foghorn
  • gluing Miss Crabtree's textbooks closed
  • teaching the young kids new remarks ("H-i-i-i Crabby!")
  • leading a mule into the classroom.

After all of this, Miss Crabtree is more than willing to expel him for being incorrigible, but after what can only be an hour or two of boredom, Breezy starts to realize there was some things about it he did miss, such as the camaraderie of his friends, only to have to go crawling back in Readin' And Writin'.
Other than that incident, Breezy never again does anything to stand out from the gang. He attends a lavish lawn party in Free Eats, pretends to be a fireman with Dickie and Stymie in Hook And Ladder and plays Simon Legree in a production of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Unfortunately, his acting is tempered and interrupted by having to take care of his baby brother, Spanky, who left to his own entertainment of killing bugs by hammer in the family home, comes across his father's hidden stash of cash in the wall. When Spanky shares the wealth with the neighborhood kids, Breezy's play is interrupted by his audience rushing to get the free money!

  • "Boy, do they pick up the nickels!" - Breezy about being a street-car conductor in Readin' And Writin'
  • "Here comes that old choo choo now! Ain't she a wow?" - Breezy in Choo-Choo!


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