Booker T. Bacon dressing up goat as Uncle Sam in Fire Fighters


Booker T. Bacon is the son of a couple who run White's Steam Laundry, as is charged with chores such as taking care of baby brother Farina and harnessing the mule Lily to the laundry delivery wagon. When he has free time, he comes up with imaginative ideas, such as dressing up a goat as Uncle Sam or organizing the Goat Alley Fire Department.

Booker T. Bacon shares so many similarities with the character of Ernie Morrison that the two might jut likely be the same character, making the "Booker T. Bacon" another name of the character along with "Sunshine Sammy." Both characters were played by Ernie Morrison.


  • "Booker T. Bacon - Not the worst kid in town - But he's got the opposition scared." - Opening title card of Fire Fighters
  • I know! This'll make a bully fire engin' - We'll agonize a fire department!" - Booker in Fire Fighters
  • "Whar yo' get the tin hat, Roosie?" - Booker
  • "Aw, let the pony join. There's gonna be fire - We got the matches!" - Booker in Fire Fighters
  • "You're th' police force - An' yo' got a'thority to soak ever'body." - Ernie in The Big Show
  • "Ladees an' gen'lemen! Our nex will be the greatest kongragation o' movin' pitcher stars 'at ever kongragated." - Booker in The Big Show


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