Bobby Mallon

Bobby Mallon in School's Out


Name: Robert "Bobby" Mallon
Nick Name: "Graham McCracker" (in Boxing Gloves)
Played By: Robert Mallon
Born: 1919
Relatives: None
Clubs: The Manhattan Club
First Short: Uncle Tom's Uncle
Last Short: Birthday Blues


Bio: Bobby Mallon is one of the longest lasting tag-along kids in the neighborhood of the Little Rascals, predating Uh-Huh Collum, Porky and Mickey Gubitosi. He first appears in Greenpoint while Mickey Daniels and Mary Kornman are still living in the area and stays through to Stymie and even Spanky. He is part of the The Manhattan Club with Joe Cobb in Tired Business Men, attends a magic show where Farina's sister, Mango, gets turned into a monkey in Chicken Feed and plays a referee named "Graham McCracker" when Joe fights Chubby Chaney over Jean Darling in Boxing Gloves. With the rest of the kids, Kennedy The Cop warns them from playing in a deserted old house and Kennedy's wife tries to teach them Shakespeare in Shivering Shakespeare.
Along with his friends, Bobby attends Adams Street Grammar School, buying his homework answers from Bonedust Young for a disastrous class lesson in School's Out. He also attends Breezy Brisbane's play based on Uncle Tom's Cabin in Spanky, but he gets distracted when Spanky starts throwing a stash of money out the window. Bobby is last seen attempting to get a ride on Stymie's rickety gadget-filled taxi cab in Free Wheeling and having cake at Dickie Moore's house.

  • "Well, I don't know, but I think he should have been hauling water to the fire!" - Bobby in School's Out (Answering Miss Crabtree's question, "What was Nero doing while Rome burned?")
  • "Well, he's my pal!" - Bobby in Birthday Blues


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