Billy Mindy

Billy "Mindy" Minderhout in The Pinch Singer


Bill Minderhout is the talented tap dancer who appears in a sailor suit in The Lucky Corner. He also (unsuccessfully) recites "Peter Piper" for Spanky and the Rascals in an attempt to be chosen by them to enter in the KWZ Radio Station contest in The Pinch Singer. He plays a genie in Spanky's play about Aladdin in Aladdin's Lantern. He also sits between Dickie De Nuet and Tommy McFarland for Alfalfa's William Tell exhibition in Fishy Tales, if but to run for cover when Butch gets hit by the dart gun. Later on, Alfalfa turns him down as the identity of the Masked Marvel in Came The Brawn because he doesn't like his eyes, but Billy turns up later to watch the fight when the Masked Marvel turns out to be Butch. Alfalfa Switzer also dreams Billy into a view of the future as a chauffeur in Our Gang Follies Of 1938.

Billy Minderhout was played by William Minderhout, sometimes credited as "Billy Mindy."


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