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Mickey, Jackie, Johhny, Mary, Joe, Martha Sleeper, Farina

Production Notes[]

Length: Two Reel
Producer: Hal Roach
Director: Robert F. McGowan
Photography: Art Lloyd
Editor: Richard Currier
Titles: H. M. Walker
Writer: Hal Roach
Released: November 1, 1925
Studio: Pathe Exchange

Main Cast[]

Supporting Cast[]

The Short[]

Plot: The Rascals have put together their own full-fledged motion picture enterprise, but the only thing they are missing is a camera. When Billy Lord realizes this, he skips his violin lesson to share his motion-picture camera.  During the filming of their movie, Jackie and Turkey-egg play pranks on the gang to ruin their movie because they were left out of it. The gang however creates their film with elaborate (maybe too elaborate) sets and props, but just as they are premiering it, Jackie and Turkey-egg bring a police officer to clear out the barn.

  • "- They're over at that ol' studio -- An' they'll be arrested for trespassin'! --" - Jackie and Turkey-egg


  • This short was heavily edited for television release.
  • Teenage femme fatale Martha Sleeper went on to play the love interest in several Charley Chase shorts.
  • Jay R. Smith is known as "Turkey-egg" in this short.