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Porky, Pete, Alfalfa, Darla, Spanky, and Buckwheat celebrating at the end of "Beauty Queen for a Day"

Production Notes[]

Length: Eleven Minutes
Producer: Oscar Dufau, William Hanna, and Joseph Barbera
Director: Unrevealed
Writer: Patsy Cameron
Released: October 2, 1982
Studio: Hanna-Barbera Productions and King World Productions

Main Cast[]

Supporting Cast[]

  • Russi Taylor as Dolly Van Dumpling

The Short[]

Plot: The boys have formed the He-Man Woman-Haters Club, but quickly break it up when they discover Dolly Van Dumpling, the new girl in town. The boys, including Waldo, all try to impress Dolly, ignoring Darla. Initially depressed, Darla’s confidence boosts when she decides to take part in the Little Miss Big City Pageant. Dolly insults Darla, causing the other Rascals to leave her and help Darla prepare for the pageant. Darla wants no help, but the boys decide to take action anyway. Buckwheat greases Darla’s tap shoes with salad oil, causing her to slip during her dance routine, while Alfalfa overrides Darla’s singing with his own voice, completely ruining her planned musical number. The last straw comes when the boys replace Darla’s dress with a potato sack. A humiliated Darla loses the pageant to Dolly, but the boys cheer her up by throwing her a party and making her queen of the He-Man Woman-Haters Club.


  • "Whatever you've got, we don't want any!" - Alfalfa to Waldo
  • "Porky has a gift for you, too. It's a mayonnaise and pickle sandwich". - Buckwheat
  • "Oh. Thanks, honey lamb, but, I'm trying to quit". - Dolly Van Dumpling
  • "How about a game of spin the bottle". - Dolly Van Dumpling
  • "Aw, go spin your own bottle". - Spanky
  • "Wow. With a voice like that, she hasn't got a chance. The only way to save her is to let me do the singing, and make the audience think it's Darla". - Alfalfa
  • "I can't understand it. I never sang better in my whole life". - Alfalfa after Darla loses the pageant


  • This episode was previewed as part of the Saturday Morning Pac Preview Party, technically making it the first episode to air.
  • Originally aired with Grin And Bear It and The Serenade.