Mrs. Beard

Mrs. Beard in Free Wheeling


The Beard Family seems to be the foster family that adopted Stymie after the events of Little Daddy. The family includes another son, Bobbie, and a daughter, Carlena, who is known by the name "Marmalade" and then "Buckwheat" shortly before Buckwheat Thomas. (Both Carlena and Buckwheat are among the spectators in Washee Ironee.) Despite the Beards, Stymie still lives like a vagrant for a while, mooching breakfast from Wheezer's house and snatching a pie from the gang in The Pooch. Surrounded by brothers and sisters, Stymie grows up with schooling in Readin' And Writin', gets to play football in Washee Ironee and forms a band with the gang in Mike Fright.
In Dogs Is Dogs, Stymie comments that his "pappy" is in jail and not coming home, but this must be his biological father instead of his adopted father.


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