Main act at Barnum & Ringling Circus. Jean Darling is getting ready to ride the horse.


In Barnum & Ringling, Inc. the gang puts on an impressively large circus in the Ritz-Biltmore Hotel, facilitated by Farina working as a bellhop. Sideshow features include Little Egypt and Little Casino. Then there are many animals dressed up to appear as more exotic creatures. These include a kangaroo, rat-rattlesnake, stork, "pelikan," peacock, moose, snapping turtle, African lion, Arizona beaver, "raindeer," "alleygater," "Artick seal," single humped and double humped camels, "rinorsoris and young," and a "wild cow from Barneo."

As ringmaster, Joe introduces clowns from all over the world, which include Farina, Wheezer, Jackie, and Jay R. Then the big act has Jean performing as Madamozelle Rhubarba, a bareback, bare-headed horse rider. To keep from falling off the horse, she wears a harness attached to a ceiling fan. However, someone turns on the fan, and she flies around in circles off the horse. Then the hotel detective discovers the circus, and chases the kids out. The animals break loose and cause lots of havoc among the hotel guests and staff, culminating in an ostrich getting inebriated.


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