Barnaby is the impresario at the Greenpoint Opera House. One day while he is reharsing with the players, he meets Alfalfa Switzer walking in to audition to be an opera star. Instead of throwing him out, Barnaby takes a shine to him and humors him with a fake contract for him to come back in twenty years. Believing he has been hired, Alfalfa runs off excited, not knowing the contract is fake and accepting it very seriously. At the basement where Spanky is putting on a show for the kids, he dreams that it's twenty years later and had a disastrous debut. Humiliated, he is tossed out by Barnaby to sing in the streets. When Spanky turns out to be a success as a club owner in the dream, Alfalfa sticks to his opera aspirations until the gang convinces him otherwise. However, as Alfalfa starts to croon, Barnaby appears in a sinister role and wakes him up.  

Barnaby was played by Henry Brandon. The role is basically the same character he played in March of the Wooden Soldiers with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.


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