Andy Shuford

Andy Shuford in Boxing Gloves


Name: Andrew "Andy" Shuford
Nick Name: None
Played By: Andrew Shuford
Born: 1917
Relatives: None known
Clubs: The Manhattan Club
First Short: Ten Years Old
Last Short: Boxing Gloves


Bio: Andy Shuford is one of Jackie Condon's friends in the neighborhood. The two of them are both members of the Manhattan Club in Tired Business Men. He attends Jackie's birthday in Ten Years Old, but he also helps to train Chubby Chaney to fight Jackie's brother, Joe Cobb, in Boxing Gloves. He follows the kids to get their wild diversity of pets in the dog show at the Greenpoint Civic Center in Love My Dog and follows the others into the Ritz-Biltmore Hotel in Barnum & Ringling, Inc.. He also attends music lessons at a house near the Cobb Residence in Noisy Noises.
Quotes: None


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