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Andy Samuel

Andy Samuel in The Buccaneers


Name: Andy Samuel
Played By: Andrew Samuel
Born: 1909
Relatives: None known
Clubs: Cluck Cluck Klams, 4th Ave. Athalatick Club
First Short: The Big Show
Last Short: Boys Will Be Joys


Bio: Andy Samuel is one of the more peripheral Little Rascals. He does not pursue the irresistably cute Mary Kornman like Mickey Daniels nor does he have a brother to tease like Jackie Condon, but he is very much a part of several of their adventures. A resident of Mother Malone's Boarding School, he often joins the gang in games of baseball and football, becoming a part of their club The Cluck Cluck Klams in Lodge Night. He opens a barbershop with them in Big Business, pretends to be pirates in The Buccaneers, and plays on an abandoned track near the trainyards in The Sun Down Limited. In Every Man For Himself, he works with the gang in their shoeshine shop to earn spending money. He also takes time out for boxing exercise at the Rascals' 4th Ave. Athalatick Club in that same film. Andy is known for his impersonation of Charlie Chaplin, which he pulls off in both The Big Show and Jubilo Jr. He helps Mickey train for a boxing match in The Champeen!, and joins Jack and Joe as they play pranks on some innocent audience members in Back Stage. Andy is occasionally seen performing some outrageous physical stunts, such as in The Buccaneers. In a few of the kids' adventures, Andy is seen as a rival member of the Rascals, as in Dogs Of War!, and someone who looks very much like him plays for a rival baseball team in Giants Vs. Yanks. But for the most part, Andy is just another one of the gang. Though often times taking a back seat to some of the other kids, Andy gets his share of plot-specific attention, such as when he hides in a female mannequin to lure a 'suspek' in The Mysterious Mystery!.

  • "Nothin' doin'!" - Andy in The Buccaneers
  • "Now see - You almost got run over!" - Andy to Farina
  • "I'm a tellin' you Squeaky - If y'r team ain't here in fi' minutes we'll claim the game!" - Andy as Cooty Martin in Giants Vs. Yanks


  • As is the case with some other gang members, Andy looks very much like some other boys in the neighborhood; in his case it's Cooty Martin and Lewis De Vore.
  • Andy Samuel is not to be confused with Andy Shuford.