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Characters: Andy Samuel, Cooty Martin in Giants Vs. Yanks, Lewis De Vore in No Noise
Birthday: April 10, 1909
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Date of Death: March 5, 1992
Place of Death: Colton, California
First Short: The Big Show
Last Short: Boys Will Be Joys
Number of Shorts: 19
Year Active: 1923–1971
History: Andrew Samuel was the younger brother of the manager of the actor Ramon Navarro. He learned how to imitate Charlie Chaplin while working as an extra in "The Kid," and it was the act he did that ingratiated him to Hal Roach to join Our Gang. In fact, Roach had an entire short made (The Big Show) just so Andy could recreate his Chaplin impression with the other Rascals impersonating other big stars from Mary Pickford to Wlliam S. Hart.
Though simply a supporting player when he first joined the series in 1923 (rarely actually playing a member of the Gang during this period), Andy eventually had the honor of being a replacement for Jack Davis. His first official film as Davis' replacement was Big Business.
Like Jay R. Smith, Andy rode his bike to the studio to film the series. When he stopped acting, his family home was purchased by Greta Garbo and is now part of the most expensive shopping districts on Rodeo Drive. He went on to do singing and dancing in vaudeville until 1932 when he faded away and went to work for his father, H. A. Samuel, in a successful art store. He later retired in a posh desert community in Southern California. Two nephews stayed in the business: Mike Fenton became a top casting director and Andrew Vajna became co-founder of Carolco Pictures, creator of the vastly popular "Rambo" movie series.

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