Wood Chucks

Meeting of the Ancient and Honery Order of Wood Chucks Club, Inc. Stymie in center is president, and Spanky on left is treasurer.


The Ancient And Honery Order Of Wood Chucks, Inc. was founded in order for the club to merge their allowances into buying things one of them could not afford alone. Stymie was the president, and Spanky was the treasurer. Club members identified themselves to each other by a "high sign," involving wiggling the fingers of one hand in front of one's chin. They gathered in a ramshackle old shed identified a hand-painted sign on the door giving the club's full name as the "Ancient And Honery Order of Wood Chucks Club, Inc." Despite the sheer effort to create a cool name for their group, no one trusted anyone, and Scotty took it upon himself to watch Spanky, and someone watched Scotty, and someone watched the person watching the one watching Scotty... Eventually, the group broke up the day after it was founded (or perhaps the day after its second meeting) and everyone wanted their allowances back. They trapped Spanky in his home and waited for him to return the club dues without knowing he had lost them. (His absent-minded pop had confused them with the money he had set aside for his wedding anniversary.) Despite the disbanding of the group, the relative club members still banded together in other pursuits, such as razzing Spanky at the Greenpoint Playhouse in Beginner's Luck, but they would not create another large-span club until the He-Man Woman-Haters Club or perhaps the All-4-One Club.
During the meeting in Anniversary Trouble, Stymie refers to Spanky having been elected treasurer at the first meeting, which implies that the meeting shown was the second.  There must have been a previous meeting in order for Spanky to have been elected and to have collected all the allowances.  But at the end, Stymie calls the present meeting he first one.
Members: Stymie Beard, Scotty Beckett, Alvin Buckelew, Harry Harvey, Jr., Leonard Kibrick, Sidney Kibrick, Spanky McFarland, Donald Proffitt, Merrill Strong, Jerry Tucker


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