All the Loot That's Fit to Print

From left: Spanky, Alfalfa, Darla and Buckwheat are selling copies of The Neighborhood Bugle.

Production Notes

Length: Eleven Minutes
Producer: Oscar Dufau, William Hanna, and Joseph Barbera
Director: Unrevealed
Writer: Unrevealed
Released: November 6, 1982
Studio: Hanna-Barbera Productions and King World Productions

Main Cast

The Short

Plot: The Rascals try out a new toy airplane, which ends up inside a nearby abandoned building.  The gang enters the building to retrieve the plane, but end up discovering a printing press. This gives them the idea to launch a newspaper, The Neighborhood Bugle. Unbeknownst to the kids, a counterfeiter is using the printing press to print phony money. Alfalfa later discovers the counterfeit cash. Not realizing that it is fake, he goes on a spending spree at the local soda shop. Spanky learns about the counterfeit money, and suspects that Alfalfa is the mastermind behind it. But the gang soon discovers the real culprit in the abandoned building. Alfalfa is given a cash reward for the capture, and uses it to pay for his spending spree.

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  • The scene where the Rascals were trying to retrieve the toy plane entering the abandoned building may be a callback to Second Childhood.
  • The counterfeiter looks reminiscent of Groucho Marx due to his hairstyle, mustache and glasses. 
  • Originally aired with The Irate Pirates and The Spare.


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