Algebra. The kids shown are Tommy, Philbrook, Stymie, Scotty, and Spanky


Algebra is the adopted pet mule of the gang at one point and is possibly meant to be seen as an alternative to Dinah who is seen much more often. They drag him along with them to visit Wally's home in the back of his family's convertible limo. Once inside the house, Algebra runs amuck before chasing Wally's mother into an outside fountain. Algebra is also brought into the classroom by Breezy Brisbane and is used to power a taxi driven and ridden by Breezy, Stymie Beard, and Dickie Moore.

Maltin and Bann claim that Algebra was played by Dinah the Mule, but photos back up theluckycorner's claim that a different mule played Algebra and the mule in two preceding shorts.


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