The Albright family is one of the upper class families of Greenpoint on the level of the Newmans, Darlings and J. William McAllister among others. It's not known how they made their money, but in Washee Ironee, Mrs. Albright is revealed to be one of the Maids Of Olympia. She heaviliy dotes on her son Wally Albright, directing him to practice the violin than fraternize with the neighborhood children. Initially unseen, Mr. Albright does not appear until The First Round-Up, this time in more humble settings as Wally is now more ingratiated with the gang to follow Stymie and the others to go camping at Cherry Creek. The short also introduces Wally's nagging sister, who resembles Jane, Wally's sweet heart. (Both roles were played by the same actress.) The family has a host of servants including Barclay the chauffeur, a maid and a butler.


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