Adams Street Grammar School is the local school which the Little Rascals attend. It begins as a one-room schoolhouse, but is later replaced by a much larger structure known as Green Street Grammar School by Arbor Day and later by Greenpoint Grammar School in Bored Of Education. Classes were originally filled with kids which varied in age by as much as two to three years, but by Spanky's time, the children were segregated closer to age. There was a high-turnover in teachers with the earliest teacher seen being Mr. Finlayson in Seeing The World. The school is located on Adams Street in Greenpoint. On her drive in, Miss Crabtree always picked up the children on her route. Other local schools include Mother Malone's Boarding School and the Bleak Hill Boarding School which may have shared students with the Adam Street Grammar School. The students who attended here are listed here by the year that would have graduated from high school (separated by average age of the separate Rascal incarnations):



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