A Pleasant Journey

Jack Davis, Ernie, Mickey, Farina, Jackie Condon

Production Notes

Length: Two Reel
Producer: Hal Roach
Director: Robert F. McGowan
Titles: H. M. Walker and Tom McNamara
Writer: Hal Roach
Released: March 18, 1923
Studio: Pathe Exchange


Jackie Davis, Mary Kornman, Joe Cobb, Ernie Morrison, Jackie Condon and Mickey Daniels with the original Our Gang dog and Allen Hoskins

Main Cast

Supporting Cast

The Short

Plot: The gang is keeping the Greenpoint Police Department busy. Mickey enters a freckle-counting contest and loses, and Ernie has a job shining shoes after Farina whitewashes them, but after he goes too far by whitewashing the shoes of some police officers, the gang has to run to the Greenpoint Railroad Station to hide out, where they meet up with some welfare boys from San Francisco. The gang talks the runaways into taking their place on the train and the Rascals are confused as the fugitive youngsters. To exacerbate things, the welfare lady sprains her ankle and talks her boyfriend into covering for her. He takes the gang masquerading as her young wards on to the train for a long arduous trip fraught with trying incidents. Being with the kids challenges the boyfriend's patience, especially after they help themselves to the magic tricks, practical jokes and fireworks in the possession of an inebriated novelty toy salesman. The Rascals' fun trip turns out to be anything but for their poor substitute guardian and the other passengers in the car they are riding in. By the time they arrive in San Francisco, the boyfriend is carted away wearing a straitjacket with the kids in tow.

  • "We're gonna stop off in Mexico an' shoot wild Indians." - The Runaways
    • "They ain't no more wild Indians - They're all in th' movies." - Ernie
  • "I know what! We'll go to Sand Francisco in yo'r place - I've allus wanted to see 'at burg." - Ernie
  • "Bye, bye, T-bone - I'll see y' in Frisco." - Jackie Condon
  • "Hold still! How can I count freckles if you're gonna wiggle your mussels?" - Jack Davis


  • Robert F. McGowan appears in the short as a man walking into Farina.
  • The setting of this short suggests the Rascals hometown is located in California whereas much later episodes place it in New York.
  • The shoeshine routine reoccurs later in Every Man For Himself and General Spanky.
  • This short was later remade as Choo-Choo!.
  • This short was counted as one of the most remembered of the Silent Rascal Shorts.


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