4th Ave Athalatick Club

Farina referees boxing match between Joe Cobb and Jackie Condon. Background characters include Andy Samuel and Monty.


The 4th Ave. Athalatick Club was one of numerous themed-clubhouses created by the gang in Greenpoint. Situated in what seems to be a large barn, it contained a boxing ring and improvised equipment including a pedal-powered shower, rowing machine, pinwheel "lung testar" and heavy punching bags made of stuffed clothes. Members included Mickey, Farina, Joe Cobb, Jackie Condon, Andy Samuel, Monty, Mary Kornman ("cashear"), Sing Joy (shoeshine boy), and Powder-Puff (chief engineer). When the rent is due, the gang resorts to their shoeshine business, made successful by Farina white-washing the feet of potential customers.
Later incarnations of this club are the 3rd Ward Athaletic Club and the Ajax Athaletic Club.


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