Joe, Jackie, Mickey, Farina, Jay, Johnny, and Skooter.

Production Notes

Series: Glenn Tryon Series
Length: Two Reels
Producer: Hal Roach
Director: Fred Guiol
Titles: H.M. Walker
Writer: Hal Roach
Released: December 26, 1926
Studio: Pathé Exchange


Main Cast

  • Glenn Tryon - Orville
  • Charlotte Mineau - Orville's mother
  • Rube Clifford - Orville's father
  • Sally O'Neil - Orville's sister
  • Oliver Hardy - Hotel detective
  • Edna Murphy - Em, hotel detective's wife
  • Jerry Mandy - Imbibing Trashman
  • Al Hallett - Minor role
  • Claude Gillingwater - Old man in hotel bed
  • Ed Brandenberg - Hotel guest
  • The Hal Roach Bathing Beauties - Themselves
  • Ham Kinsey - Hotel guest
  • Jack Hill - Hotel guest
  • Janet Gaynor - Hotel guest
  • Monte Collins - Hotel guest
  • Stan Laurel Starving actor - hotel guest
  • Theda Bara - Herself
  • Tiny Sandford - Train conductor

The Short

Plot: Orville (Glenn Tryon) and his California family must make an immediate payment on their home or else be thrown out. Orville, along with his sister (Sally O'Neil) and grandfather go to make the payment in Hollywood, anxiously hoping to see some movie stars along the way. Orville's grandfather misses the train to Hollywood, leaving Orville and his sister to travel alone. Once in Hollywood, Orville rushes into the action of a bank robbery, mistakenly thinking that it is actually the filming of a scene for a movie. Orville is taken hostage by one of the robbers, who dresses him up like a woman and abandons him in the room of a hotel detective (Oliver Hardy)
During the Hollywood tour scene, a few Hollywood players make cameos (via stock footage from other films). Rascals Jackie Condon, Farina Hoskins, Mickey Daniels, Joe Cobb, Johnny Downs, Jay R. Smith, and Skooter Lowry appear in a brief clip almost identical to a scene used in Thundering Fleas.


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  • Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy appear in the same film for the second time (the first being in a 1921 independent short The Lucky Dog). However, they share no scenes together. Additionally, Laurel wears a false moustache in this film (similar to the one frequently worn by James Finlayson. It would be at least another year before Laurel and Hardy officially became a comedy team.


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